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Personal Injury Attorney Memphis

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Car accidents:

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, you’ve come to the right place. The personal injury lawyers at Cooper Law Firm can help you seek compensation or reimbursement for the following:

– Mental and physical pain and suffering

– Hospital and doctor bills

– Physical therapy and rehabilitation

– Property damage

– Lost wages or earnings

– Permanent impairments

– Scarring and disfigurement

– Insurance

– Wrongful death

Medical malpractice:

We trust doctors and other medical professionals to use their utmost care when handling their patients, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Medical errors and adverse events result in serious injuries—and even deaths—every day. When doctors fail to uphold their professional duty, we at Cooper Law Firm believe you, as their patient, have a right to demand compensation and redress. As medical malpractice lawyers, we commonly handle claims involving incorrect diagnoses; improper or delayed treatment; surgical or medical errors; pharmaceutical errors; birth injuries; and common negligence.

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  • Case One

    This is when certain individual acts-out of negligence which causes harm to other person. This may involve slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice, toxic tort cases, automobile cases and many more.

  • Case Two

    This is when person intentionally and knowingly causes harm to another person. This may includes battery, assault and murder.

  • Case Three

    This is when person may not intentional conduct wrongdoing through carelessness on his which can be found as liable for personal injury claims. In other state laws, dog bites and certain type of product claim liability are example of such personal injury law.

  • Case Four

    Character insult like slander or libel.

The Objective of Personal Injury Law

The major goal of this law is to offer legal rights to injured victims for them to get full compensation (medical and financial) after suffering from injury or even loss which they would not have experience if not because of omissions or negligence of defendant. This law imposes legal duty to companies and people to interact and perform with another minimum attention and care level. The said laws are expected to promote and encourage good behaviors while reducing the bad one. Therefore, the personal injury law serves significant purpose to general public.

  • Plaintiff is injured by the Defendant

    With exception to the contractual breaches, this could be considered as deceitful act on defendant’s part.

  • Breach of legal duty to the plaintiff

    Breached duty commonly depends on specific cases. For example the manufacturer or distributors have legal duty not to permit harmful or dangerous drugs penetrate the market.

  • Settlement Negotiations

    Once obvious evidence is available to all involved parties the defendant breached contractual duty, then, defendant can opt to settling matter outside the court by offering plaintiff monetary compensation to prevent lawsuit filing against them (the Defendant). If plaintiff does not have the same opinion to the offer of defendant, litigation can be persuaded. Settlement can be negotiated and offered after suite is files or at any time in anticipation of decision is announced by court or jury.

  • Plaintiff files lawsuits against defendant

    Once plaintiff primarily files the case, the said person has to be prepared to condition regarding legal basis of claim and types of remedy the said person wishes to request-in compensation for injuries.

  • Defendant files answer to plaintiffs claim

    The defendant is required to answer once served by official like process servers or sheriffs within certain span of time. Once the defendant failed to offer answer in time given; expect for default judgment to be filed. The plaintiff will surely win.